GH is an abbreviation for:

  • General Hospital, an American soap opera
  • Court, an international or country- related court
  • Total hardness, see water hardness
  • Overall High School, a former university higher form, the characteristics of universities and colleges joined together
  • Ghana, West African State in accordance with ISO 3166
  • Ghana Airways from 1958 to 2004, the national airline of Ghana, based in Accra after the IATA code
  • Greatest Hits, in the music industry, the compilation of music tracks individual artist or band or on a specific topic on recordings
  • Wholesale, retail, be in the trade goods that are not even working or processing usually procured from manufacturers or suppliers to retailers, processors, commercial users, but not to households sold
  • Growth Hormone, the English name for somatropin
  • Guitar Hero, a video game series from the field of Music Games
  • School Hoechstadt Aisch, a high school in Middle Franconia Hoechstadt Aisch

GH as distinguishing signs on license plate:

. gh is an abbreviation for:

  • . gh, country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) for Ghana
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