Giacomo Gentilomo

Giacomo Gentilomo ( born April 5, 1909 in Trieste, † April 16, 2001 in Rome ) was an Italian film director.


Gentilomo came even during his school days to Rome and worked as a set designer before turning to film. In this profession, he started as a production manager and assistant editor for eg Nunzio Malasomma and Gennaro Righelli, and later as an assistant director for Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia. In 1939 he finally made ​​his first film as a director, after he had two years earlier the first short film that used the Technicolor process in Italy staged. In 1945 he published the remarkable O sole mio, which blended elements of neorealism with the Neapolitan elements. Until 1963 he made quite a few genre films, often melodramas; after completion of this career, he turned to painting.

Films (selection )