GJ 1214 b

GJ 1214 b, also Gliese 1214 b, one in 2009 discovered extrasolar super-Earth. In its discovery by Zachory Berta he was the most Earth-like exoplanet. It is about 40 light years from Earth and orbits in 38 hours in the constellation Ophiuchus the red dwarf GJ 1214, whose radiation is 200 times weaker than that of our sun. The distance to its host star is about 0.014 AU ( approximately 2 million km). Its mass corresponds to about 7 Earth masses, its radius is estimated at just over two and a half Earth radii.

There is strong evidence that GJ 1214 b is surrounded by a relatively thick atmosphere. The equilibrium temperature of the exoplanet depends on several factors, some of which are only imprecisely known or not known. Estimates indicate that an equilibrium temperature in the range of about 120 to 280 degrees Celsius. Which is based on an albedo of 0.75 ( at 120 ° C) and from 0 ( at 282 ° C).

Observations by the Hubble telescope have shown that the atmosphere of GJ 1214 b may be composed primarily of water vapor. It is therefore assumed that the planet itself consists largely of water.


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