Glenrothes is a Scottish town of about 38,000 inhabitants and the administrative headquarters of the district ( Council Area ) Fife. It was created in 1948 as a planned city for several smaller farming communities.

Originally presented the paper manufacturing and coal mining the main industries represents the population was therefore largely of miners who came from the West of Scotland, especially from the area of ​​Glasgow. Today Glenrothes is characterized by numerous electric factories. Through this development, the city became the center of Fife Council. The Fife House and other buildings of Fife Council are in the city center.

North of the center are Balfarg and Balbirnie, two obviously belong together Neolithic tombs and places of worship.

Twin Cities

  • Twinning with Böblingen ( D) since 1971. Böblingen donated the sister city in 1991 to mark the 20 -year partnership anniversary of the statue The Defenceless One ( German The Defenseless ), by the German sculptor and native Böblinger Rudolf Christian Baisch ( 1903-1990 ) was created. The bronze statue, which stands on a stone pedestal, was erected in Riverside Park in Glenrothes.
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