The GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc. is an American semiconductor manufacturer, is engaged exclusively in contract manufacturing, a so-called Foundry. The company was founded in March 2009 as a spin-off of the semiconductor production of AMD. The sole shareholder is the Advanced Technology Investment Company ( ATIC ) of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


In October 2008, AMD and ATIC announced the establishment of this new semiconductor manufacturing company. GlobalFoundries took over the AMD factories in Dresden: the Fab 38 (formerly Fab 30) of AMD Saxony and the Fab 36

A new Fab - Fab the term commonly used in the semiconductor industry represents fabrication plant ( German: fabrication site ) - was in the Luther Forest Technology Campus in Malta, Saratoga County ( New York), built. Ground was broken on July 24, 2009.

In November 2009, GlobalFoundries announced the resignation submitted in September by Héctor Ruiz and his leave of absence as Chairman. Ruiz is accused of being involved in a scandal over insider dealing ( " Galleon scandal ").

After Globalfoundries made ​​at the beginning exclusively for AMD, are now (as of 2013) serving more than 150 different customers.

On 13 January 2010 GlobalFoundries announced the integration of Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing in the company. Therefore changed the numbering of the chip works.

On January 19, 2010 Global Foundries and Toppan photomasks reported the establishment of a joint venture set up in 2002 to continue operating the Advanced Mask Technology Center ( AMTC ) in Dresden. The mask house will supply GlobalFoundries and other European customers Toppan. The AMTC was originally a joint venture of AMD, Qimonda and Toppan photomasks and in 2003 had started operation.

June 1, 2010 GlobalFoundries announced in a press release to increase the manufacturing capacity in Dresden, and the option of an extension of the clean room space in Fab 8 in New York. The German plant is to a third clean room building with an area of around 10,000 m2 arise in which in 2011 is scheduled to start production of 45 -nm, 40 -nm and 28 - nm technology. The capacity in Dresden, it refers to 80,000 wafer starts expanding ( both standard silicon and silicon-on -insulator wafer) per month. At the same time plans Globalfoundries an enlargement of clean room space in Fab 8 to 8,000 m2, so that the total capacity to 60,000 wafer starts per month increases.

The European Commission has approved investment aid for German GlobalFoundries on 13 July 2011. With the regional aid package totaling EUR 219 million generated according to the company until 2013, the largest semiconductor plant in Europe. This funding is based, according to the EU Commission that Dresden 107 paragraph 3 point a TFEU for the promotion of regional aid comes to products, because the standard of living in the area is abnormally low and a substantial underemployment.

In March 2012, AMD pulled back completely as shareholders, since there are 100 % of the shares at ATIC.