Glorious Betsy

Love the Betty Patterson is an American film drama from 1928. The screenplay is based on the eponymous play by Rida Johnson Young.


Jérôme Bonaparte travels to Baltimore, where he works as a teacher. He learns the merchant's daughter Elizabeth Patterson and falls into it. Only after the wedding he gives her be seen as a brother of the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

As Jerome travels to France, denied his brother his wife entry. It can annul the marriage and send them back to Baltimore. A planned marriage with the Princess Fredericka of Württemberg exploding because Jérôme flees. He returns to Elizabeth. She has now brought their son to the world.


Wrote Mordaunt Hall of the New York Times, the film is with all its frills and hot-blooded hugs an appealing romance.


In the first Oscar ceremony in 1929 Anthony Coldeway was nominated for Best Screenplay Oscar in the category.


The premiere took place on 26 April 1928.

The film is a mixture of silent and sound films. Dialogues were recorded directly, added music and sound effects by Vitaphone ( a special sound-film process).