Goidhoo (Baa Atoll)

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The Goidhoo Atoll (also Goidu, Dhivehi: ގ ޮ އ ި ދ ޫ ) is a small natural atoll of the Maldives in the district of Baa. It is also called Goifulhafehendhu Atoll and Horsburgh Atoll ( after British cartographer James Horsburgh ).

Goidhoo is part of the Western Atoll of the Maldives chain and is located in the northwest of the country about 13 km south of the South Maalhosmadulu Atoll, from where it is managed. The distance to the capital Malé is about 100 km.

The atoll has a total area (including lagoon ) of 105 km ², while the land area of ​​the islands taken together, just 1.7 km ², and a population of 811, which is spread over three inhabited islands: the main island Goidhoo with 503 Fehendhoo with 114 and Fulhadhoo with 194 inhabitants ( 2006 census ).

The atoll has approximately the shape of a horizontal, open ellipse in the south, where the three inhabited islands lie to the northeast. Another, uninhabited island is Innafushi, but there are still a number of sandbanks or protruding from the water coral reefs as Fareedhaafinolhu, Fehenfushi ( Dhashufaruhuraa ) Fulhadhoorah kairi finonolhu ( Rahkairifinolhu ) and Maafushi ( Mathifaruhuraa ).