Makunudhoo (Haa Dhaalu Atoll)

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The Maamakunudhoo Atoll ( makunudu, formerly Malcolm Atoll ) is the westernmost atoll of the Maldives and is located in the north of the state or archipelago. It is situated 18 kilometers west of the north-west side of the much larger Thiladhunmathi - Miladummadulhu Atoll, from which it is separated by a deep strait. It has a total area of ​​142.48 km ². Of these, less than one square mile (0.96 km ²) land, which is spread across four islands.

With a length of 28 km and a maximum width of six kilometers, the atoll has the floor plan on an elongated and narrow shape. The nearly closed Riffkranz has only two openings on the east side that are passable in the lagoon only by boats to the entrance. The lagoon has depths up to 31 meters.

Of the four islands in the atoll located on the northeastern island Riffkranz Makunudhoo is only inhabited. The population for the 2006 census was 1,045. The three uninhabited islands are unused. In particular there are no tourists islands.


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Administrative counts Maamakunudhoo to Maldivian atoll administration (District) Thiladhunmathi Dhekunuburi ( Haa Dhaalu ), which includes even a part of the east adjacent Thiladhunmathi - Miladummadulhu Atoll.