Ross Atoll

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The Rasdhoo Atoll ( Dhivehi: ރ ަ ސ ް ދ ޫ ), also known as Ross Atoll, a ring-shaped atoll of the Maldives north-east of Ari Atoll and west of the capital Malé.

On the edge of the atoll, the tourist islands in the south and Kuramathi Veligandu the north-east, the locals Rasdhoo island in the south- east, as well as the two small uninhabited islands and Madivaru Madivaru - Finolhu are in the east.

Through the three channels: North Channel, Rasdhoo Channel and Channel Madivaru an exchange of water between the outer reef and lagoon is possible.

The Rasdhoo Atoll is also served by Maldivian Air Taxi and is thus reached in 20 minutes from the airport.

Administratively, the atoll is on the north Ari Atoll.