Google I/O

Google I / O is a developer conference by Google, which in San Francisco, California is held annually. For the first time Google I / O took place in 2008. I / O stands for both innovation in the open as well as for I / O (input and output ). New features, hardware and software from Google will be discussed at the Google I / O, such as Android or the Chromebooks, the conference explicitly aimed at technically experienced developers.

In addition to the presentations, there are parallel " sessions" (meetings) the specific topics to deepen its aspects in detail to discuss. Therefore, Google also allows for only about 5,000 developers at the Google I / O. For this reason the tickets are already sold on a regular basis after a few hours, since the Google I / O is considered as the most important date of information on new Google products.

Dates and topics

2008 ( March 28 to 29 )

OpenSocial, App Engine, Android, Google Maps API, Google Web Toolkit

2009 ( March 27 to 28 )

Android, App Engine, Chrome, Google Web Toolkit, OpenSocial, Google AJAX API, Google Wave

2010 ( May 19 to 21 )

Android, App Engine, Chrome OS, Enterprise, Geo, Google APIs, Google TV, Google Web Toolkit, Social Web, Google Wave

2011 ( May 10 to 11 )

Android, Google Chrome, Chrome OS, Google Music, Chromebook

2012 ( June 27 to 29 )

Nexus 7 tablet, Android, Google Nexus S, Google , Project Glass

2013 ( May 15 to 17 )

Android, Android Studio IDE, Google Play, Chromebook, Google Chrome, Google Play Music All Access, Samsung Galaxy S4 GE, Google , Google Maps, Google Now, Google, Hangouts


Google has hidden on the official website of the I / O 2013 numerous Easter Eggs. For example, the logo of the event was replaced by pictures of cats when users have clicked on it several times.