Gornji Tkalec

Gornji Tkalec is a village in Croatia, which is located eleven kilometers north of Vrbovec. According to the Croatian census of 2001 there live 218 inhabitants.


In 1425 the church of St. Mary built in the place. 1611 the house of God is acquired by the Roman Catholic Congregation of the Jesuits from Zagreb came from. After the lapse of the Greek Catholic Eparchy Marča and the temporary transfer of the Greek- Catholic diocese after Pribić, is charged in the year 1783, the church and the associated land for the third bishop's seat of the bishops of the Greek Catholic church on the present-day territory of Croatia. In 1777 the bishopric changes after Križevci ( Croatia) ( Diocese Križevci ). Also located in the village of Gornji Tkalec a castle, which was built in the art style of the early Baroque. A part of the castle is the chapel ( church ) of St. Mary. Nearby her in the Baroque altars designed, images, flags. The corresponding sacristy houses the preserved tomb of the Greek- Catholic bishop Bazilije Božičović from 1785.