Gpl- is founded in 2004 by Harald Welte project. He wants to make the attention of the public attention to violations of the GNU General Public License ( GPL dec ) and the abuse of free software. In this way, copyright infringers to be put under pressure to comply with applicable law. Users who notice violations, are given the opportunity to report these via e-mail. The project will help then to take appropriate action in the way.

But equally important is their offer to provide information on how to use GPLed code in commercial applications and can adhere to the GPL.

The project has already achieved both judicial and non-judicial successes, including several in Germany. They received in 2005 right before a Munich court, as they advanced against Fortinet after they used code from the Linux kernel for its FortiOS without the GPL to be observed. On 6 September 2006 defeated D-Link gpl-, bringing the validity of the GPL was confirmed before the German law. In a case against the company Skype, which had sold a phone without sufficient evidence of the GPL, the claim was then confirmed on appeal in May 2008.