Graham Coxon

Graham Coxon ( born March 12, 1969 in Rinteln, Lower Saxony as Graham Leslie Coxon ) is the lead guitarist, the youngest member and co-founder of the British band Blur, as well as a solo musician and painter.

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The son of the army musician Bob Coxon and his wife Pauline came in Lower Saxony Rinteln in a military hospital to the world. He has a sister, Hayley. At the age of five, he moved with his family to Derbyshire to his grandfather before it three years later went to Colchester.

At the age of 12 he learned as a self-taught saxophone and guitar and played drums. He was inspired to do so by 2-tone music and the band The Jam. At this time he visited the Stanway Comprehensive School, where he also met Damon Albarn, with whom he later founded blur. In the band, he was the youngest member of the band.

On March 7, 2000 saw Coxon's girlfriend at the time, the Swede Anna Norlander, their daughter Pepper Bäck Troy to the world. However, the couple separated in mid-2001 in the autumn of the same year, Coxon went due to alcoholism treatment.; a relapse in 2002 contributed to the fact that he left during the recording of the album Think Tank Blur. Coxon currently divides his time between London and a house in Kent. The end of 2008 he returned to blur.



He coined the idiosyncratic sound of the first six studio albums and was published in 1997 also worked as a singer of You're So Great by Blur album. Its been the most popular post on Blur Coffee and TV was on the 1999 album 13 2002 he had a falling out with the band and they eventually leave. Rumors of a comeback piled up since 2005, but were always denied to an interview with bassist Alex James in January 2007. In this interview, James said that the chances of a reunion stood relatively well, although as yet no notifications were found. In July 2009, the reunited band actually were two highly acclaimed concerts in London's Hyde Park - with Coxon.


Coxon had already released as a member of Blur three solo albums. His first album, The Sky Is Too High was released under his own label Transcopic 1998, which he had founded in the same year with Jamie Davis. This album was followed by The Golden D ( 1999) with cover versions of mission -of -Burma classics Fame And Fortune and That's When I Reach For My Revolver, and in 2001 the thoughtful album Crow Sit On Blood Tree. In 2002 he released the LP The Kiss Of Morning. On it you will find the single song Escape. Stephen Street produced the following two albums Happiness In Magazines and Love Travels at Illegal Speeds.

Visual Artists

Graham Coxon studied at Goldsmiths College in London with contemporaries such as Sam Taylor -Wood. Among his works are the CD cover of his solo albums, as well as the album and the single covers to 13 by Blur. End of October 2004 were exhibited at an art exhibition in London and more private works.




  • Crow Sit On Blood Tree " Thank God For The Rain" / " You Never Will Be " (July 30, 2001 UK # 92)
  • "Escape Song " / " Mountain Of Regret " (2002, UK # 96)
  • " Freakin ' Out" ( 8 March 2004 UK # 37)
  • " Spectacular " (July 26, 2004 UK # 32)
  • " Freakin 'Out " / " All Over Me " (October 25, 2004 re-release, UK # 19)
  • "Standing On My Own Again" (February 27, 2006 UK # 20)
  • " You & I" (May 8, 2006 UK # 39)