Great Escarpment

The Panorama Route ( German: panoramic road ) is a street in the northern foothills of the Drakensberg mountains in Mpumalanga Province in the east of South Africa. It is widely used by tourists to the lowlands and interesting rock formations along the road because of the steep slopes with prospects.

Landscape along the road

Along the running in a north-south direction steep slope breaks the South African highlands ( Highveld ) in which up to 1,000 meters below the lowlands ( Lowveld ) from, where, among other things, the Kruger National Park. The Panorama Route offers sweeping views of the plane, such as God's Window. The well-known canyon along the route of the Blyde River Canyon, which starts out in a bizarre erosion forms of Bourke 's Luck Potholes heard.

In addition, formed by erosion numerous waterfalls as the Macmac Falls, Lisbon Falls and Berlin Falls.

At the Panorama Route are also the historic gold mining town of Pilgrim 's Rest, which is a national monument since 1986, and the Sudwala Caves.


The wall is formed by the same geological processes as the whole chain of the Drakensberg. To a strong erosion lead the approaching end over the Lowveld from East rain clouds that rain down on to the steep slope.


Besides tourism, the area along the Panorama Route is primarily used for forestry ( growing softwoods ). There are also numerous farms for fish farming.