GroupWise is a groupware software, the U.S. company Novell. It is used to manage e -mail, appointments, tasks, addresses and documents. An instant messenger program is also integrated into GroupWise.

In the software package is included as server software SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to use a complete groupware package without additional software costs. GroupWise is also included in the software packages Novell Small Business Suite Novell Linux Small Business Suite and Novell Open Workgroup Suite ( NOWS ).

From WordPerfect Office GroupWise emerged in the early 1990s ( developed by WordPerfect Corporation, which in 1994 sold to Novell ). GroupWise is a flexible and extensible system in the LAN and WAN environment. There are gateways for a number of protocols to exchange information with other systems.


GroupWise is a communication and collaboration system for businesses. It offers ways to edit and manage e -mail, appointments, tasks, contacts, documents and instant messenger messages. GroupWise operates as a client-server system.

The most extensive client program is available for Windows operating systems. Furthermore, a cross-platform client for Linux and Macintosh systems and a Web client for access via web browsers are available. There is the possibility, even indirectly access with handheld devices both directly via an Internet connection as per sync to GroupWise server. GroupWise 2012 includes the Linux and Macintosh client only in the previous version 8 and focuses on both the Windows and the Web client.

Server programs are available for server operating systems, Linux and Microsoft Windows. With the GroupWise version 2012 support for the no longer developed NetWare operating system is omitted. The Novell eDirectory directory service is necessary for the operation of a GroupWise system, but is included for each supported server operating system.