Novell (pronounced [ noʊ'vɛl ] ) is a US-based high-tech company that specializes in network and Internet software products and the Linux distribution, SUSE Linux and the NetWare server operating system developed.


Until 2000

The company began in 1979 in Provo, Utah under the name Novell Data Systems Inc., a hardware manufacturer for CP / M- based systems. In January 1983, it was renamed in Novell Inc., and Ray Noorda ( 1924-2006 ) was appointed Managing Director. In 1983, Novell introduced also in front of the multi-platform network operating system NetWare. The manufacturer Novell Inc. was listed on the Nasdaq as NOVL.

The network protocols developed Novell, based on the Xerox network services ( XNS ) were from Internet Datagram Protocol ( IDP) and Sequenced Packet Protocol ( SPP) developed and hot Internetwork Packet Exchange ( IPX) and Sequenced Packet Exchange ( SPX). File and print services running on the NetWare Core Protocol (NCP ) over IPX as the routing information (RIP) and service information (SAP).

Novell acquired Digital Research, makers of DR DOS (and GEM), an MS- DOS -like, but multitasking -capable operating system and distribution of this under the name of Novell DOS (which is later than OpenDOS and then as DR- DOS by Caldera was expelled ).

During the 80 years it went Novell very good. The company had with its network operating system hardly any competition and practically a monopoly position for networked PCs, thereby Novell could sell its products expensive. But that changed in the 1990s, particularly as Microsoft in 1993 for the first time brought out a server version of Windows, including Windows NT Advanced Server version 3.1.

Building on Unix SVR4, you started at Novell in cooperation with the Unix System Laboratories, under the name Univel, with the development of its Unix - derivative, which was released in November 1992 under the name of UnixWare.

With the purchase of various companies Novell tried to maintain its market position against the new competitor. 1993 Unix System Laboratories were purchased including Univel for 350 million U.S. dollars from AT & T. In the same year, Novell acquired also the WordPerfect Corporation and Borland Quattro Pro spreadsheet.

1995 Unix was sold to the SCO Group. The volume of sales is strongly disputed between Novell and SCO Group, particularly with respect to the copyright (Novell won a lawsuit on the issue, see below). See also: SCO against Linux.

Digital Research moved to Caldera. With the Novell WordPerfect Office was quite unfortunate; it increasingly lost market share. During the corresponding groupware GroupWise is sold as a standalone product from Novell, walked the rest of the WordPerfect Office, consisting of WordPerfect, Quattro Pro and Presentations, Corel.

From 2001

In July 2001, Novell acquired the consulting firm Cambridge Technology Partners, to make it to his sales department. The CEO of this company, Jack Messman, soon became chief of Novell.

On 4 August 2003, Novell announced the acquisition of Ximian software manufacturer founded in 1999. Ximian was with open source software on the market and offered including a desktop for various Linux distributions on.

Novell announced on 4 November 2003, the acquisition of SUSE Linux AG at a price of 210 million U.S. dollars known. The transaction was completed in February 2004. Suse Linux AG was thereby converted into a limited company and operates as a fully subsidiary in the partner and distribution network from Novell. Allow Novell was one of the largest providers of solutions to the free operating system Linux.

In March 2005, Novell announced the release OES ( Open Enterprise Server). This includes both NetWare and Suse Enterprise Server and Novell offers existing customers the possibility of a gradual migration to Linux. Furthermore, in July 2005 there was a massive support from the open source community by Novell. Due to the operating system-independent. NET development environment Mono and Novell Evolution offers further migration solutions for Linux. Novell is also involved in the development of At the end of fiscal year 2005, however, Novell had a drop in sales and announced extensive restructuring that included layoffs of employees. Furthermore, one of the founders of Suse left the company, but now returned again to Novell.

Since 2007, Microsoft partners with Novell, which sells the Suse Linux distribution. Microsoft may recommend to its customers Suse Linux Enterprise Server ( SLES), if a customer wants to. In August 2007 Novell won a lawsuit against SCO. Novell was awarded the copyright to Unix. In summer 2011 this judgment became final, because SCO lodged no objection.

November 22, 2010, Attachmate announced the almost complete takeover of Novell for 2.2 billion U.S. dollars. Which is organized by Microsoft and founded with Apple, EMC and Oracle business Cptn Holdings LLC took over 882 patents from Novell. On April 28, 2011 Attachmate completed the takeover. Novell has since no longer listed on Nasdaq.

2012 have appeared some new products: Novell Vibe, Novell Groupwise 2012 Zenworks Mobile Management, Novell and Novell iPrint Filr.


Novell offers and offered a range of software products for businesses. These include:

  • The collaboration solution, Novell Vibe
  • The enterprise solution Filr
  • The pressure solution iPrint
  • The Directory Services eDirectory, formerly Novell Directory Services (NDS )
  • Identity management (IDM, Identity Manager ), which can associate the directory with other applications ( in competition, inter alia, to IBM's Tivoli or Microsoft's MIIS )
  • The computer system management suite Novell ZENworks ZENworks Mobile Management ZENworks App Virtualization
  • The server operating system Open Enterprise Server, formerly NetWare
  • The server operating system SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop
  • The e-mail and groupware program GroupWise
  • The community Linux distribution openSUSE
  • Called peer-to -peer network software Personal NetWare, NetWare Lite also, for the direct exchange of data between workstations
  • The client -server system Novell iFolder to easily keep files on multiple computers in sync

While in the past the focus was on the server NetWare operating system, it is now on the Linux products on the directory service and the Identity Management ( now NetIQ ).