Unix System Laboratories

The Unix System Laboratories ( USL ) in Murray Hill (New Jersey) were originally a part of Bell Labs. The USL were in 1990, integrated into the UNIX Software Operation, also a division of Bell Laboratories. At the time, found the Unix development and licensing place in Short Hills (New Jersey).

USL and Novell made ​​from 1991, the joint venture Univel, which developed the first version of UnixWare. 1992 USL was acquired by Novell with all Unix possessions, rights and license agreements. The USL then moved to Florham Park (New Jersey). The end of 1995 was the Unix business from Novell to the Santa Cruz Operation (SCO, today Tarantella, Inc.) sold. In 2001, the company Caldera took several divisions of the SCO and renamed in August 2002 to SCO Group. In the earlier USL Unix development will continue to operate.

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