Tivoli Software

Under the heading Tivoli IBM offers software to manage information systems. They are used for one to monitor computer to distribute software to inventory systems or to backup data. On the other processes are highlighted as release management, change management and storage management applications. Founded in 1989 in Austin (Texas ), Tivoli since 1996 a wholly owned subsidiary of IBM.


The IBM Tivoli product portfolio is mapped in the IBM Service Management.

The operational management includes the areas

  • Business Automation,
  • Performance Automation,
  • Security and
  • Storage Management.

It is the

  • IBM Service Management Platform.

Software-supported process workflows can be found in

  • IT Process Management.

Operational Management

The results summarized in the area of ​​Operational Management products ensure system availability. It is a management, monitoring and optimization of the entire IT landscape allows. More specifically, the products are divided into four categories:

  • System Automation
  • Provisioning Manager
  • Intelligent Orchestrator
  • Monitoring
  • Workload scheduling
  • Business Systems Manager
  • Service Level Advisor
  • Tivoli Storage Manager
  • TotalStorage Productivity Center
  • SAN Volume Controller
  • Identity Manager
  • Access Manager for e-business
  • Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On
  • Security Operations Manager
  • Security Compliance Manager
  • Compliance Insight Manager

The performance of the automation family includes the already listed above products that can be used in the z / OS environment. Make as performance and availability.

IBM Service Management Platform

In the IBM Service Management Platform, the concept of CMDB from the ITIL place again. This platform makes it possible to automatically locate all accessible via a network IT assets ( ia IT equipment as well as intangible assets ) of an enterprise, to inventory and catalog. About a determined IP address range of the configuration of each configuration item is revealed and saved. In the CCMDB information are stored. In the case of IBM Tivoli product change management is already included from the outset. The products are

IT Process Management

The IT Process Management includes predefined processes that can be placed on the platform of Websphere Process Manager on the application. Basis of these processes is the IT Infrastructure Library ( ITIL). The fact established workflows are implemented in practice to assist companies with the implementation of ITIL good practices. Services offered are Process Manager

  • Storage Process Manager,
  • Release Process Manager and
  • The Unified Process Composer to design more processes.