Gulf of Ob

The Obbusen (Russian Обская губа, Obskaya guba ) is the (Russia, Asia) estuary of the Ob in northern Siberia.

It is located northeast of the northern end of the Ural Mountains, north of the West Siberian lowlands, east of the Yamal Peninsula and west of the Gydan.

The slightly more than 800 km long and up to 70 km wide Obbusen begins right at the Arctic Circle and is as estuary already a Gulf of the Kara Sea, which in turn is a part of the Arctic Ocean. Driven by the waters of the Ob, he has a strong, flowing northward flow. Also in this open waters, the Pure and the Tas, which flow through the Tasbusen.

The surrounding Obbusen the gently undulating landscape was leveled by Ice Age glaciers; it is dominated by the tundra. The only major town is New Port, which lies directly on Obbusen.