Taz Estuary

The Tasbusen (Russian Тазовская губа, Tasowskaja guba ) is located as side estuary of the great Obbusens in northern Siberia (Russia, Asia).


There he is spacious seen between the northern end of the Ural Mountains (west ) and the Putorana Mountains ( East) in the north of the Great Western Siberian lowlands. Administratively, it is located in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.


The Tasbusen has approximately the shape of a question mark. It is about 325 km long and up to 30 km wide. Approximately 100 km beyond the Arctic Circle begins the Tasbusen at the place Tasowski (67 ° N 79 ° E ). At the southeastern end of the bosom of the waters of the keys and the Pur is fed. Another tributary is the Messojacha. At the northwestern edge of the breast, the confluence of the East takes place in the Obbusen, which is already a Gulf of the Kara Sea, which in turn is a part of the icy Arctic Ocean. Thus, the Tasbusen is a side estuary.


The rivers Tas and Pur drain the central north part of the swampy West Siberian lowlands. Due to the resulting there water masses, the bosom on a quite remarkable flowing northward flow.

Adjacent Landscapes

The northeast coast of Tasbusens forms the Gydan Peninsula; the west coast of the Peninsula Tas. The surrounding Tasbusen the gently undulating landscape was shaved and flattened by Ice Age glaciers; it is dominated by the tundra.

Eastern River system is the Yenisei River, west of the Ob- Irtysh.

69.083375.75Koordinaten: 69 ° 5 ' N, 75 ° 45 ' E

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