Messoyakha River


The Messojacha (Russian Мессояха, also Messo Jacha, Мессо - Яха ) is a 466 km long tributary of the Tasbusens in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug in Russia.

The Messojacha rises in the northeast part of the West Siberian lowland, in the area of the Lower Yenisey ridge which extends south Gydan Peninsula. The source is very close to the border of the Autonomous Okrug to the Krasnoyarsk region, about 250 km west of Norilsk. It flows through the lowlands, usually highly meandering, most recently in wide arcs in predominantly south-westerly direction. The river flows just under 200 km north of Novy Urengoy in the southeastern end of the Tasbusens the Kara Sea, where it forms an approximately 1500 km ² large delta, which immediately northwest connects to the delta of Tas, opposite the delta of Pur. Sredneje Messo and Schtschutschja, the two largest estuaries in addition to the main arm Messojacha lead, about 10 and 40 kilometers east of the main arm in the Tasbusen. The large number of small estuaries from Messojacha - main arm to the north opens up to 80 km away from this.

The catchment area of the river 26,000 km ². The most important tributaries Njangusjacha (length 217 km), Njadajacha (288 km), Muduijacha (237 km), Indikjacha (242 km) and Mjarojacha (102 km ) open from the left in the Messojacha. The longest right tributaries are the Bolshaya Charwutajacha (96 km) and the Bolshaya Warkutajacha (97 km). Usually freezes up the river for eight months a year, from mid-October to mid-June.

He is a spawning ground for various salmon fish of the genus Coregonus.

The Messojacha flows through a rich lakes, swampy and sparsely populated area. Immediately the river there are no permanently inhabited villages; about 5 km west of the mouth of the main arm is located on the banks of Tasbusens the settlement of Nakhodka. At the upper reaches of the Messojacha and its tributaries, the natural gas fields Messojachinskoje and Severo- Soljoninskoje be exploited since the late 1960s, the supply since 1973, the city of Norilsk via pipeline gas.