Gustav Peter

Gustav Peter (* uncertain: in 1833, † 1919) was a composer of the famous piece of music Souvenir de Cirque Renz ( German: "Memories of Circus Renz ", also: " Erinnerung an Zirkus Renz " and " Circus Renz - canter) ".


Little is known about the life of Gustav Peter. His year of birth is often given as 1833, his nationality isolated as a Hungarian, but these blank figures can not be taken for granted. The name also " Gustav Heinrich Peter" or " Peter Heinrich Gustav " is listed. Gustav Peter is often called " G. Peter " abbreviated and therefore often confused with the composer Carl Peter and Georg Peter.

Souvenir de Cirque Renz

Gustav Peter is the composer of the Souvenir de Cirque Renz work. This work is often dated to 1904, in fact Peter is mentioned as the composer already in November 1894, in the musical - literary monthly reports by Friedrich Hofmeister for sheet music for Xylophone and Orchestra of the publisher Otto soul. Souvenir de Cirque Renz has appeared on countless recordings since the beginning of the 20th century; it has been arranged for other solo instruments and various accompaniments and is known internationally. As a work of circus music is just as popular as an entertaining and highly effective xylophone solo work.

The creation of the work comes at a time, in the fast dances like the horse in the entertainment music were popular, the xylophone was rediscovered as a tool and Circus Renz enjoyed great popularity in Berlin. So composed a number of contemporaries Gustav Peters similar works that are today but got mostly forgotten.


  • Souvenir de Cirque Renz. Gallop for Xylophone with orchestra. Leipzig, Verlag Otto soul.
  • Valse - Caprice for Xylophone with orchestra. Leipzig, Verlag Otto soul.
  • In hot pursuit. Concert gallop. Leipzig, Verlag Otto soul.
  • The Carnival of Venice. Brilliant fantasy with bravura variations. Leipzig, Verlag Otto soul.
  • Cossacks post. Bravura gallop for xylophone (or tube - Campanaphon ) with orchestra. Leipzig, Verlag Otto soul.