H 43 Lund

H 43 Lund is a Swedish handball club from Lund.

The club was founded on October 1, 1943 in a pastry from the teacher Yngve Wallmer. The first game against Eslöv H 43 Lund won with 4:3.

The association operates women 's and men's teams. The women's team will play in a lottery syndicate with Lundagård under the name H43 Lundagård. The home games are played in the 3,000 -seat Fars & Frosta Savings Bank Arena.

The men's team played up to and including the 2011/2012 season in the Elitserien i handboll promote herrar and rose end of the season in the Allsvenskan from, but returned after a year of absence, back in the Elitserien. The women's team also competed in the Elitserien i handboll promote damer.