Confluence of Haidenaab and Waldnaab applied for Wildenau to Naab

The Haidenaab is the right or western source river Naab in the Upper Palatinate ( Bavaria, Germany ).


Your name has the Haidenaab of the heathland in the headwaters Wet heath their longest Quellarms, the Heiner Bach. This was formerly regarded as the upper reaches and flows of Haidenaab at Göppmannsbühl as Tauritzbach to. In 1285 you wrote Heydnab, 1340 Haydnab 1491 Haidenab, 1796 and 1832 Heidenabe Gentile Naab. The nickname was given the Naabquellfluss to distinguish them from the Waldnaab.


The river rises in the district of Bayreuth (Bavaria) on the southern edge of the Fichtelgebirge between Kirchenpingarten and Mount plate ( 830 m above sea level. NN ), about seven kilometers north of the village store.

From there, the Haidenaab achieved in a southeasterly direction fluent after a few kilometers on Schlackenhof Renaissance castle, in which the coming of the northwest Flernitzbach opens, the Tirschenreuth. Passing the Kaibitz lock it again reached after a short distance the district of Neustadt an der Waldnaab. In the village of Gmünd opens its largest tributary, the river Creußen. The Haidenaab continues to flow over and coat Pressath by Luhe- Wildenau, where it unites with the district sub- Wildenau with the Waldnaab to Naab, which flows into the Danube. The Haidenaab bicycle path runs through the villages of Kastl, Trabitz, Pressath, Schwarzenbach, coat, pond hammer, Etzenricht Oberwildenau and sub ​​Wildenau at the Haidenaab along. With the Naab bike trail, the route to Regensburg continues.


  • Blumenbach (left)
  • Kaltenbach (left)
  • Goldbach (right)
  • Weiherlohe (left)
  • Tauritzbach (right)
  • Flernitzbach (right)
  • Moss meadow ditch (left)
  • Fallenbach (left)
  • Green Brook (left)
  • Mühlbach (right)
  • Fire trench ( left)
  • Siechenbach (left)
  • Pressather Bach ( left)
  • Schwarzenbach ( left)
  • Creußen (right)
  • Hohlbach (left)
  • Heilinglohbach (left)
  • Röthenbach (right)
  • Eichelsbach (right)
  • Mühllohbach (right)
  • Stockweiher Bach ( right)