Course of the Naab east of the Franconian Alb

Source of Fichtelnaab

The Naab is a left or northern tributary of the Danube river in the Upper Palatinate in eastern Bavaria, Germany.

Together with the Waldnaab, its left or eastern source river, the Naab is about 165 km long, with its catchment area, including all source and tributaries comprises 5225 km ².


The name of the Naab is derived from the Indo-European word " nebh ", which means moist or water. In the year 700 they wrote Naba, 885 Napa, 1005 Naba, 1199 hub, Nab 1245 and from 1546 Naab.


The Naab is formed west of the Upper Palatinate Forest, about nine kilometers (direct distance ) south of Weiden at Luhe- Wildenauer the district of Wildenau from the union of the right and left Haidenaab Waldnaab. She then runs south along the A 93 and B 15, and later the B 8, among other things Schwandorf and Burglengenfeld. It opens to the west of the confluence of rain near Regensburg - Mariaort from the left in the Danube River, just below the Schwarze Laber and about five kilometers (direct distance ).

Source rivers Naab

  • Haidenaab: The right or western river has its source in the Fichtelgebirge.
  • Waldnaab: The left or eastern and longest river has its source in the Upper Palatinate Forest.
  • Fichtelnaab: A right or western tributary of Waldnaab rises in the Fichtelgebirge.
  • Schweinnaab: A right or western tributary of Waldnaab. Source about ten kilometers north- west of Park stone. Mouth in pastures in the Waldnaab.
  • Dürrschweinnaab: The smallest Naab. A right or western tributary of the Sauer Bach, in which it flows near the Old City Haidmuehle. This is a left tributary of the Schweinnaab. Source northwest of the Old City. Mouth of the sour Bach above pastures in the Schweinnaab.


  • Luhe
  • Before Bach
  • Fensterbach
  • Pfreimd
  • Schwarzach
  • Vils

Cities and towns along the Naab

  • Baernau
  • Tirschenreuth
  • Neustadt an der Waldnaab
  • Weiden in der Oberpfalz
  • Heritage village
  • Pressath
  • Luhe- Wildenau
  • Wernberg
  • Pfreimd
  • Nabburg
  • Black box
  • Schwandorf
  • Teublitz
  • Burglengenfeld
  • Kallmunz
  • Duggendorf
  • Pielenhofen
  • Penk
  • Etterzhausen
  • Pettendorf
  • Windischeschenbach


Naab at Kallmunz

Mouth of the river Naab ( rear right) in the Danube (front left)


The river and the Naab is Patrona Bavariae known since 1988 by the original Naabtal Duo and its success Shit.