Source of Fichtelnaab

The Fichtelnaab is a 42km right or western source river Naab in Upper Franconia and the Upper Palatinate. It rises in the Fichtelgebirge and flows in Windischeschenbach in the Waldnaab.


Your name has the Fichtelnaab only indirectly from the Fichtelgebirge. It is derived from its headwaters on, before 1495 still known as Vichtelberg ox head. The nickname was given the Fichtelnaab to distinguish them from the other Naabquellflüssen.


The source of Fichtelnaab is located on the southeast slope of the ox- head (1024 m above sea level. NN ) about 800 meters southeast of the source of the White Main and about two kilometers northwest of Fichtelbergbahn or the 10.5 acre Ficht Elsees ( 752 m above sea level. NN ). From there it flows southeast through the villages Fichtelbergbahn and flour Meisel in the Tirschenreuth. There the Fichtelnaab passes through fire, Ebnath, Neusorg and heritage village to Windisch Eschenbach, where it flows into the Waldnaab.


  • Moss creek (right)
  • Kratzebach (left)
  • Fallenbach (right)
  • Geisbach (right)
  • Fuhrbach (left)
  • Saugrabenbach (right)
  • Gregnitz (left)
  • Goldbach (right)
  • Witzel Bach ( right)
  • Höllbach (left)
  • Felberger Bach ( right)
  • Trout stream (left)
  • Tiefenbach ( right)
  • Gallows Bach ( right)
  • Steinbach (right)
  • Hein Bach ( left)