Duggendorf is a municipality in the district of Regensburg Upper Palatinate and a member of the administrative community Kallmunz.

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Geographical Location

The village lies on the River Naab.

Community structure

The municipality has 19 Duggendorf officially named districts:

  • Auf'nberg
  • Biersack shock
  • Fountain stitch
  • Duggendorf
  • Gessendorf
  • Girnitz
  • Haidberg
  • Heitzenhofen
  • High village
  • Judenberg
  • Neuhof
  • Black courtyards
  • Sommerlegerl
  • Vistula village
  • Weihergut
  • Vineyard
  • Wipe Mayrhofen
  • Zeinberg
  • Zündergut


Duggendorf, the capital of the district is mentioned in documents as early as 1270. For 500 years Duggendorf 's parish. The baroque parish church, the jewel of Duggendorf, dates back to 1736th grave slabs on the exterior have through the years 1521 and 1530 figures point to an earlier church. Worth seeing is the Rococo organ from 1738, which has since been renovated. see also Postal light Roth

High village, which has always belonged to the parish Duggendorf, but independent municipality was merged in the course of municipal reform in 1978 with the former rural community Duggendorf to a new community. When at the beginning of the 18th century by the plague almost the entire population of the village was swept away, was erected in honor of St. Sebastian today's branch church. A castle was high in the village in the 16th century. It was owned by the Teuffel of Birkensee. The coat of arms of this family, which is also attached to the parish church in Duggendorf, served as a model for the coat of arms Duggendorf.

The castle, built in the 16th century, was rebuilt in the 18th century. A castle also has the village Wipe Mayrhofen, which until 1946 was an independent municipality. About the former owner of the castle and the castle itself is virtually nothing known. Today it is two families in private ownership. The chapel adjoins the north side. It has also been renovated in recent years.


On 1 May 1978, until then independent municipality high village and part of the neighboring municipality Wolfsegg were incorporated.


Parish council

The council has 12 members.

  • CSU 5 seats
  • SPD 3 seats
  • Free high voter Village Duggendorf 4 seats

(As at municipal election on March 2, 2008)

Coat of arms

Blazon: Over blue Wellenschildfuß split of red and gold, topped with a fire-breathing dragon body in alternating colors. The emblem has been used since 1982.

Culture and sights


  • Church / Pestkreuz in high village
  • Former Hofmarkschloss in high village
  • Village wells in Duggendorf
  • Church in Duggendorf
  • Wolfgang Church

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  • Highway access " Regensburg Nuremberg " at the A3
  • State roads: 2165, 2235
  • Bus RVV Linie12

Clubs / associations

  • DJK Duggendorf ( sports club )
  • Catholic Women's League
  • Kriegerverein high village
  • Shooting club Hubertus high village e.V.
  • TC high village (tennis )
  • Naabtalblaskapelle Duggendorf
  • Trachtenkapelle Duggendorf
  • VDK Ortsverband
  • FF Duggendorf
  • FF high village
  • FF Wipe Mayrhofen
  • FF Heitzenhofen
  • RK Wipe Mayrhofen
  • FC Bayern Fan Naab