Schwarze Laber

The Black Laber in Parsberg

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The name Laber goes back to the old word Labera what fresh sparkling water means. The epithet black got the Laber by their low gradient, which is why they often flows very slowly and their water appears dark. It distinguishes them from the White Laber and numerous other rivers named component Laber.


Laber source

The Black Laber rises north-east of Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz in Laaber, a district of Pilsach on the main European watershed, from a karst spring. The spring water has a year-round temperature of 8 to 10 ° C. The source was completely transformed by the Land Stewardship Association, the community Pilsach and the Water Authority of Regensburg in 2005. Before the restoration flowed road wastewater into the range of the source.


The Black Laber flows from there through the Upper Palatinate Jura to the south and flows into the Danube Sinzing.


  • Lampert Hofener Bach ( right)
  • Mühlbach (left)
  • Dürner Bach ( right)
  • Harenzhofener Bach ( right)
  • Mrs. Bach (left)
  • Kerschbach (right)
  • Mrs. Bach (left)
  • Bach Mühlbach (right)

Places on the river

  • Pilsach - Dietkirchen
  • Velburg Oberweiling - Finsterweiling
  • Velburg Lengenfeld
  • Parsberg
  • Beratzhausen
  • Laaber
  • Deuerling
  • Nittendorf ( district of hole )
  • Eichhofen
  • Schönhofen
  • Sinzing


The Black Laber freezes only in particularly harsh winters, as it is fed by underground karst springs. The water usually remains fairly constant at about 8 ° C.