Schwarzach (Naab)

The Schwarzach flows near black box in the Naab

The Schwarzach is a left, about 75 km long tributary of the Naab in Bavaria. It arises from the confluence of the Bohemian and Bavarian Schwarzach near the forest district of Munich Kritzenast.


It rises in the Czech part of the Upper Palatinate Forest east of the village Závist ( German envy, communal Rybnik ) directly to the main European watershed; only a few hundred meters to the north is the source of Radbuza that drains over the Vltava and Elbe to the North Sea. In the upper reaches almost exactly flowing southward exceeds the Schwarzach just outside the village Nemanice ( German water soups), of which even its Czech name Nemanický creek derives the border to Bavaria, where they are the main route from West to comply with forest Munich.

Other places on the Schwarzach are Schonthal, Rotz, Nine vorm Wald andSchwarzach at Nabburg. Opposite its mouth is located on the right side of the market Naab black box.

Already in 1250 the Swarza was mentioned. At the Schwarzach created numerous mills, saws, hammers, and in the mid-18th century glass grinding and polishing works. In 1850, there were over 30 grinding and polishing works at the Schwarzach whose demise came before the Second World War.


  • Schwarzenbach
  • Steinbach
  • Shovel Bach
  • Meet Bach
  • Stan Abach
  • Rhanerbach
  • Waste stream
  • Pepper Bach
  • Heinzel Bach
  • Birketbach
  • Wolfbach
  • Rinner Bach
  • Rötzer Bach
  • Roßgartengraben
  • Schlott Bach
  • Auerbach
  • Weidingbach
  • Kressbach
  • Föhrenbach
  • Haidwiesenbach
  • Streitbach
  • Bibersbach
  • Bavarian Schwarzach
  • Long Erbach
  • Fir -Bach
  • Rötzbach
  • Grenzbach
  • Pigeons Wiesbach
  • Pfaffenbach
  • Ascha
  • Baslmühlbach
  • Laubbach
  • Dog Bach
  • Seebach
  • Murach
  • Albatross Auer Bach
  • Katzbach
  • Indicative ditch

Flood control

The river system passes through three reservoirs for flood control: The located at Waldmuenchen Perlsee, the located in Rotz Eixendorfer reservoir and located at Treffelstein Silver Lake ( which is traversed by the Bavarian Schwarzach, a tributary of the Schwarzach. ) Perlsee and Silver Lake are both about 80 hectares are. The Schwarzach 1972-1976 was dammed in Rotz for flood protection and to generate electricity for 183 acres Eixendorfer lake. In this lake Eixendorf, Wutzschleife, Höllmühle, Upper Mill, Seebarnhammer and the former railway line sank.


The Schwarzach opens into the Naab

The Schwarzach at Altfalter (2012 )

Old village with river Schwarzach (2011)

The Schwarzach at Schwarzhofen (2012 )

River Schwarzach at Nine vorm Wald

Eixendorftalsperre with dam