Hard Target

Hard Target is an American action film directed by John Woo from the year 1993. The main role of the Belgian actor Jean -Claude Van Damme.


The young Natasha pulls in search of her father through New Orleans streets. Since these are not safe for a young woman, she receives the advice to look for someone who will accompany them in their search and take care of them. When she is attacked by some petty criminals, you come to the unemployed sailor Chance Boudreaux for help. This agrees they accompany to the sum of 217 dollars, with which he wants to pay his debts for two days. Natasha learns shortly thereafter by the death of her father, who lived the last time on the road and supposedly died in a fire. Through its own research, the two hunters a group of people get on the track, the homeless with cash and the prospect of a better life to attract them to use it as a moving target for their hunting games. Well Chance and Natasha are themselves a target. The hunt for the two starts, but the hunters did not expect, who they get to do it.


  • The Hong Kong director John Woo made ​​his U.S. directing debut here.
  • The budget of the film was about 18 million U.S. dollars.
  • The film grossed a worldwide 74,189,677 U.S. dollars at the box office.
  • The film had to be submitted to get an R-rating as age ratings and seven times the MPAA. Previous versions were cut due to the violence only an NC -17 rating.
  • The German theatrical version corresponding to this R -rated version and was released by the FSK from 18 years in 1993.
  • The VHS version of CIC Video Rental Frankfurt also corresponds to the R -rated version and is indicated (Federal Gazette No. 224 of 30 November 1994).
  • All editions of the German DVD purchase included the unrated version (English for unaudited). This has been cut or censored not for MPAA approval. In this numerous scenes of violence compared to the theatrical version is presented explicitly, also some changes are filmed from a different angle. A few short sentences are left in the unrated version, as original soundtrack.
  • The German DVD has not been tested by the FSK, but only legally by the SPIO / JK.
  • The U.S. DVD contains, in contrast to almost all other publications around the world, only for the movies censored R -rated version.