Harold Sakata

Toshiyuki " Harold " Sakata ( born July 1, 1920 in Holualoa, Hawaii, † July 29, 1982 in Honolulu, Hawaii ) was an American actor of Japanese descent, mainly because of its role of villain Oddjob ( " casual ") in the James Bond film Goldfinger was known.


As Sakata moved to the mainland to his school days, he lay down on the Western name Harold. Sakata was a gifted weightlifter and won at the Olympic Games in London in 1948, a silver medal. He also tried his hand as a wrestler under the name Tosh Togo and brought it to the side of his " brother " The Great Togo, who actually Kazuo Okamura George was to the Canadian and Hawaiian Tag Team titles.

The Bond producers Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman dedicated Sakata mainly because of his heavy physique - he was 1.85 meters tall and weighed 130 kg. The role of Oddjob was Sakata cut to a tee. He had no acting experience, but Oddjob was no voice, and required only a few acting skills.

Sakata was because of this role so well known that he appeared as a wrestler under this name and Oddjob made ​​his third name. After the Bond movie he came to the taste and has starred in numerous other films supporting roles. However, these were limited to military types, muscle-bound thugs and silent bodyguard. Sakata died at the age of 62 years to cancer.


In the film Rikidōzan: A Hero Extraordinary Sakata played by Keiji Muto.

The also Hawaiian wrestler and actor Charles Kalani, Jr. (1930-2000), known by his stage name Professor Toru Tanaka, Sakata looks very similar and was occupied in the same roll compartment.

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