Hemus Air

Hemus Air is a Bulgarian airline based in Sofia and a subsidiary of Bulgaria Air


Founding and first years

Named after an old name for the Balkan Mountains airline was founded in 1991 by the Bulgarian state to create a rival to that time the only Bulgarian airline Balkan Bulgarian Airlines, which was also in possession of the Bulgarian state. Balkan Airlines in 2002 but went bankrupt.

Hemus Air was privatized in 2002 and is owned by Bulgarian investors. The airline since tried to compete in the market against strong competition from foreign airlines. Another Bulgarian competitor was initially the successor of the newly established Balkan Bulgarian Airlines, Bulgaria Air, the management of Hemus Air has confidently proclaimed that Hemus Air would like to participate in the privatization process of state Bulgaria Air. Hemus Air has also set the goal of the largest and most important airlines of Bulgaria together. For this reason it took over in 2006, the Bulgarian airline Viaggio Air and their two machines of the type ATR 42-300, which since then both fly on international routes in Europe for Viaggio Air as well as on domestic routes for Bulgarian Hemus Air.

Merger with Bulgaria Air

In 2006, the Bulgarian Hemus Air flag carrier Bulgaria Air to 99.9 % and endeavors since then to expand the fleet of this airline. Since 2007, the three Bulgarian Airlines Bulgaria Air, Hemus Air and Viaggio Air are under common leadership in the possession of the Hemus Air was planning this since the takeover of the two competitors to combine all three airlines into a single airline. Since September 2007, all flight numbers of the three companies carry the IATA code of the FB Bulgaria Air By combining the routes and aircraft of all three airlines to Hemus Air hoped for a greater ability to compete with foreign airlines. Together, all three airlines operated on more than 40 routes.

In the course of unifying the two brand names Hemus Air and Viaggio Air are completely gone since early 2009. The Bulgaria Air brand therefore remains the only one of three preserved and bundles the common route network and fleet in itself, which is also reflected in the new joint website.


Hemus Air currently offers no flight operations under their own name more, but operates exclusively in the railway network of Bulgaria Air


As of July 2013, the fleet of the Hemus Air consists of a plane: