Henning Christiansen

Henning Christiansen ( born May 28, 1932 in Copenhagen, † 10 December 2008) was a Danish composer; he is regarded as one of the first Fluxus composers. Christiansen rarely orchestrated his works in the usual way. His music is considered experimental music that reaches partially into the atonal.


From 1950 to 1955 Christiansen holds a degree in composition, clarinet and piano at the " Royal Danish Academy of Music " in Copenhagen. After graduation, he worked from 1955 to 1960 as a clarinetist and composer. In 1961, he became friends with members of the " Eks - Skole " in Copenhagen, which was founded in October of the same year as unconventional alternative to the traditional Copenhagen Academy by Paul genres and Troels Andersen. This was followed from 1962 participation in both actions of the Eks - Skol, which was based on the American happenings, as well as to Fluxus festivals such as in the Nikolajkirche Copenhagen and the Technical University of Aachen.

In 1964 Christiansen at the Fluxus event actions, Agit - Pop, De - Collange in Aachen part. In collaboration with Joseph Beuys contributed Henning Christiansen mid 60s often the music at different Fluxus events in, among other things, to the actions Manresa, which took place in 1966 in the gallery Schmela, and Eurasienstab of Joseph Beuys. 1985 Christiansen received a professorship in multimedia at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, two years later, he was a guest of the DAAD Berlin Artists Programme. Christiansen lived on the island of Møn.

Works (selection)

  • Fluxorum organum Opus 39 (1967 )
  • 82 min Fluxorum organum (1968 )
  • Cross Music ( 1989)

Solo exhibitions (selection )