Henry Deane

Henry Deane (* 1440, † February 15, 1503 in Lambeth Palace ) was a Roman Catholic bishop and held as such from 1501 until his death in the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

On April 13, 1494, he was employed by Henry VII as bishop of Bangor. On September 13, 1494 before his episcopal ordination, he was Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 1495, he resigned from the office of Lord Chancellor. July 1495 was Deane of Pope Alexander VI. retrospectively confirmed as Bishop of Bangor.

When the Bishop of Salisbury John Blythe in August 1499, died Deane was appointed on 7 December by Henry VII as the new bishop. This was confirmed by the Pope in January 1500.

After the death of John Morton, Archbishop of Canterbury, Deane was elected his successor as Lord Keeper of the Great Seal and remained so until 27 July 1502. On April 26, 1501, he was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury on October 13, 1500. Thomas Langton, Bishop of Winchester, who was originally chosen to succeed John Morton was, died on 27 January 1501. Deane received his papal confirmation on 22 May of the same year.