64.125 - 20.3575Koordinaten: 64 ° 7 ' 30 " N, 20 ° 21' 27 " W

Hrunamannahreppur (also Ytri - Hreppur ) is a municipality in the region Suðurland is in southern Iceland. On 1 January 2009 the municipality had 793 inhabitants in an area of 1,375 square km. The largest town is Flúðir with 377 inhabitants.


Southeast of Hrunamannahreppur lies the community Skeiða -og Gnúpverjahreppur, northwest of the town Bláskógabyggð. The nearest large towns are Laugarás Reykholt.

Hrunamannahreppur lies to the east of the river Hvítá that plunges into a narrow gorge on the well-known and important for tourism waterfall Gullfoss. Through the town Flúðir flows in rapids ( Isl Flúðir ), the source river Litla - Laxá.


Flúðir extends north of the court Hellisholt with its hot springs, which are used to supply hot water and for greenhouses. In Flúðir is the biggest mushroom breeding station in Iceland.

During the Second World War holdings of the National Library and the National Museum in Reykjavík were kept in Flúðir.

Discovered in 1899 by the geologist Helgi Pétursson remnants of moraines in Hellisholt who have entered into research about the ice age periods.


Flúðir is connected via the line 30 to the Hringvegur.

Daughters and sons

  • Fjalla - Eyvindur (* 1714 in the yard Hlíð, † 1783), Icelandic Outlaw