She is known for greenhouses that are heated with geothermal energy. Here are vegetables and all kinds of fruits, including Bananas, grown under glass. The city has a State Horticultural School and a rehabilitation center. In the local swimming pool, there is a steam sauna.

Hot Springs

In the village itself you will find a field with hot springs, as the area is part of the system of the central volcano Grensdalur. Set in the high-temperature region below the church. Also in the gardens of some houses you recognize visible hot ( steaming ) and white spots. Among white Make the crust is very thin. On the northern outskirts is the small geyser Grýla.

There is also a hiking trail through a park or along a path on the other side along a creek to the north, by going past on numerous steaming bodies and a hissing borehole.

Since the devastating earthquake in May / June 2008, a new high temperature area has developed at the foot of the mountain Reykjafjall (in the east of the town ). It lies partly in the field of Agricultural University (formerly Garðyrkjuskóli ). Actually, it is here to revive an already fully -cooled high-temperature region.

Population Development

Hveragerði learned in recent years, a strong population growth (1997 to 2005: 31 %).