Hyacinth (given name)

This article describes the name Hyacinth.

Origin and Meaning

Hyacinth is of Greek origin and a form of hyacinth. The meaning is unclear. Speculation is accidentally killed by a connection with a Greek legend, according to which the god Apollo, his favorite that name. From the blood of the favorite was grown according to the legend, the plant hyacinth.


Variants of Hyacinth are:

  • Spanish: Jacinto
  • French: Hyacinthe
  • Italian: Giacinto
  • Polish: Jacek


Well-known bearers of the name

The following people have the name Hyacinth:

  • Hyacinth of Caesarea ( 96-108 ), saint and martyr
  • Hyacinth Bobo, maiden name of Celestine III. (* About 1106, † 1198 ), from 1191 to 1198 Pope of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Hyacinth of Poland (Polish: Jacek Odrowąż; 1183-1257 ), Holy; Polish nobleman and priest who is considered the founder of the Dominican Order in Poland
  • Hyacinth Wäckerle, pseudonym of Joseph Fischer, (1836-1896), German educator and dialect poet.

As a middle name

  • Francesco Hyacinth (1632-1638), Duke of Savoy