• James Ellison: Bob Clemens
  • Dorothy Lewis: Marie Bergen
  • Jerry Colonna Colonna
  • Barbara Jo Allen: Vera Vague
  • Alan Mowbray: Pete Ellis
  • Phil Silvers: Larry Herman
  • Tim Ryan: Jackson
  • Harry Clark: Reed
  • Renie Riano: Karen Vadja

Ice- Capades is an American film comedy with musical numbers from the year 1941. Filmed on a story by Isabel Dawn and Boyce DeGaw film was produced by Republic Pictures.


The New York newsreel cameraman Bob Clement is an arrant woman hater. He is commissioned to film the demonstration of the Swiss figure skater Karen Vadja in Lake Placid. Clemens missed his plane and thus can not provide footage. He thinks that all skaters look and fell in Central Park, at random, to film some of the skaters there. he opts for Marie Bergen, a Swedish immigrant whose visa has expired.

Clemens filming Marie with boredom and not watching, so Marie is clearly visible. The newsreel is seen by the Manager Larry Herman, who recognizes Marie's talent and appeal immediately. He wants to make them the star of his Ice Revue Ice Capades. Among the spectators also Jackson and Reed are at the Immigration Department. Since Marie is featured in the newsreel as Karen Vadja, Herman takes Vadjas Agent Contact and signs a contract. As the ice skater comes to New York, Herman is horrified to have a ekzentrische and horse-faced woman in front of him. Herman says from the Ice Revue and sued the production company producing the newsreels. Director Ellis blames Bob and his assistant Colonna for the bad publicity. The two now want to make Marie identify and let go of Ellis himself a star.

Marie flees because it keeps Clemens and Colonna for immigration officials. But the two men they find in the choir of Ice Revue, in which she sings. To remain in the land of Marie must marry an American citizen. Since Clemens is the only unmarried man in the vicinity, Ellis tried to persuade him to marry Marie. The inveterate bachelor refuses. But he explains that he feels something for Marie and she could not marry under such circumstances. Ellis told Marie that Clemens had filmed her without her knowledge and had to go to jail for it now, if it did not occur in the show. Marie, now in love with Clemens accepted.

Before the premiere of Marie Jackson and Reed was arrested backstage. Clemens learns of Ellis lie and punches him. Then he informed Jackson and Reed, that he wanted to marry Marie. Herman promises to hold a grand wedding ceremony. Marie goes with the other skaters on the ice and leads the grand finale, Legend of the Falls, before.


Bosley Crowther criticized by the New York Times that, instead of the expected glittering Eisfilms a boring and silly story, the play, especially in offices and dark rooms will delivered.


Cy Feuer 1942 was nominated for Best Film Score for the Oscar in the category.


The premiere took place on 20 August 1941.

The film was inspired by the 1940 listed from same show. The British figure skater Belita, star of the show, you should also take the lead role in the film. But differences with the studio led to Dorothy Lewis got the lead role. Belita was then used in her film debut for a number.

With Ice Capades Revue a follow-up film was shot in 1942.