IDS Scheer

IDS Scheer Consulting GmbH Saarbrücken is a software and consulting company with a focus on business process management, since 2010, a 100 % owned subsidiary of Software AG.

The company originally was divided into the divisions of ARIS products, consulting and external products. The acronym stood for IDS Integrated data processing systems. The focussing included not only the ARIS platform the areas SAP, Business Intelligence, Service Oriented Architecture, Governance, Risk and Compliance Management and Supply Chain Management. Since 2005, the Managed Services business unit with 110 employees based in Freiburg is also active.


IDS Scheer was founded in 1984 by August-Wilhelm Scheer as a spin -off of the "Institute of Economics computer science " of the Saarland University and served over 7,500 customers in more than seventy countries with own subsidiaries or partners. The ARIS architecture, one of Scheer developed, comprehensive framework for business process management, constitutes the basis also of the consulting deals

IDS Scheer was before the takeover behind the SAP and Software AG, Germany's third largest software manufacturer. In Germany counted IDS Scheer AG in the top 10 among IT service providers; in Central and Eastern Europe, the company was one of the market leaders. IDS Scheer was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange until 27 October 2009 at the Nasdaq and was therefore one of the top 110 quoted companies, also known as DAX110.

On 13 July 2009, the announcement came that the Software AG has issued a voluntary public takeover offer. In December 2009, Software AG held ninety percent of the shares and concluded a domination and profit transfer agreement with IDS Scheer.

In May 2010, Software AG held through its subsidiary " SAG Beteiligungs -GmbH" 91.22 percent of the shares. 8.78 percent are in free float. On 21 December 2010, IDS Scheer has been completely merged with Software AG.

IDS Scheer Consulting GmbH is since as a 100% owned subsidiary responsible for the Business Consulting and Services, while the ARIS range was taken over the AG in the Business Process Excellence ( BPE).