Software AG


  • Karl -Heinz Streibich, CEO
  • Andreas Bereczky, Chairman

The Software AG, headquartered in Darmstadt is one of the world leaders in software solutions for businesses and related services. Their products make it possible to analyze business processes and to manage and control IT infrastructures. The company was in 2012 by SAP AG and Wincor Nixdorf 's third largest software company in Germany and the seventh largest in terms of sales in Europe.


The Software AG Group is divided into three strategic business units:

  • Enterprise Transaction Systems ( ETS): Adabas, Natural and services for mainframe
  • Business Process Excellence (BPE ): Products WebMethods, ARIS and services for Service-oriented architectures (SOA ) and Business Process Management ( BPM)
  • IDS Scheer Consulting: Consulting and Services in SAP and BPM

The range provides software and services for the design process strategy and design, implementation and monitoring processes; SOA-based integration and data management; process-driven ERP implementation and strategic process consulting and services.

The main products are ARIS, a platform for analyzing business processes, integration and application platform, webMethods, Adabas database management system and the Natural development environment. Furthermore, the consulting division will continue in the IDS Scheer Consulting GmbH as own brand and subsidiaries.

Together with the Software-Cluster Software AG is the client software Atlas Germany, a study on the regional development of the software and IT services industry, which has been published since 2010 by the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research.


Software AG was founded in 1969 by six employees of the consulting firm AIV (Institute for Applied Information Processing ) under the leadership of Peter circle. The founders included the mathematician Peter Schnell, later long -time CEO. He had developed a concept for a database management system (DBMS ) based on inverted lists on behalf of customers. Under the name of ADABAS ( adaptable database system), this system was first installed in 1971 at WestLB. However, the market in Western Europe proved to mid -1970s for new DBMS are not very receptive. Therefore already in 1972 was the founding of the American sister company Software AG of North America ( SAGNA ), along with a U.S. partner based in Reston ( Virginia). This was in 1981 at the New York Stock Exchange on.

Peter Schnell gained complete control over the shares of Software AG until the early 1980s. Decisive role in the success of Software AG had continued the board members Peter Pagé and Tilo Strickstrock. Pagé had with a small team of employees developed in the late seventies, the programming system Natural language (4GL ) and was until his retirement a driving force behind the company's development of Software AG.

A strong period of growth, the Company recorded from the early 1980s, as the number of installations of Adabas and Natural rose sharply. With this phase of the history of the company Dieter Keppler as a sales director, Egon Homm (Area Manager South West), Wolfgang Mudter ( marketing director and then director of European operations outside the German speaking region ) and Arnold Stein (Area Manager South) linked. Thus it succeeded in this period, the market share in database systems against IBM and Siemens in Germany to increase significantly.

In 1988 Software AG and all Software AG shares of North America and turned it into a subsidiary. In 1997, the investment firm Thayer Capital bought 100 percent of the shares of Software AG North America, which changed its name then under the name SAG Americas ( SAGA ). Software AG went public in 1999 and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Nasdaq. In 2001 Software AG finally again SAG Americas and incorporated them as a subsidiaries in the Group.

In 1990, the Software AG presented with the ENTIRE front of their specification world's first service-based software architecture (SOA ) to the public, which was available from 1992.

In the wake of the bursting of the dotcom bubble and the Software AG fell in the late 1990s in a crisis. Declining sales and poor profitability could shrink the financial reserves. According to his own statements the reasons lay in the globalization of IT and the increasing global competition as well as in the massive concentration and consolidation of the market. However, the company succeeded in the following years, the turn to sustained growth. Thus, the market value of the Software AG quadrupled in the four years 2006 to 2010.

Since March 2011, Software AG " Premium Member" of the House of IT, a public-private partnership for the promotion of information and communication technologies in Europe.

By end of December 2012, the company achieved a total of 5419 (2011: 5535 ) employees generated consolidated sales of € 1.047 (2011: 1.098 ) billion euros. Net profit amounted to 164.7 (2011: 177.209, 2010: 175.632 ) million euros.

Acquisitions and investments


On 25 May 2007, Software AG took over the American software company webMethods for the price of 546 million dollars (420 million euros at that price ). It was the largest ever acquisition in the company's history and one of the largest acquisitions of a U.S. software company by a European company.

IDS Scheer

On 9 July 2010, the General Meeting of IDS Scheer AG approved the merger agreement with Software AG, with a majority of 92.03 percent of its own capital stock.


In May 2011, Software AG acquires Terracotta Inc. and Metismo Ltd.. Terracotta is a leader in the field of in -memory technology for high-performance applications and cloud services. " This is to benefit from the purchase especially the middleware platform, webMethods. " Metismo Ltd.. has a flexible and versatile platform for the development of device-independent mobile applications. It enables the design and development of applications and the automatic transformation in the different formats of mobile devices.

My- Channels

In April 2012, Software AG announces that it is buying the British technology provider my- Channels. With my- Channels, Software AG access to universal messaging technology that allows the company to transfer their data streams quickly and safely within the company to the cloud and mobile applications.

In March 2013, the Software AG participated in the Berlin-based company specializing in mobile solutions metaquark. Whether jointly develop the webMethods Mobile Suite of Software AG destination.

Long Jump

In April 2013, the Software AG acquired the U.S. cloud platform provider Long Jump. " The Platform as a Service offers a range of ready-made modules and templates for creating and running business applications in the public or private cloud environments. "


On 3 June 2013, the Software AG today announced the acquisition of alfabet AG announced a software provider in the areas of "Enterprise Architecture Management " and " IT Portfolio Management ". The company deals mainly with the planning and optimization of IT landscapes.


On 13 June, the Software AG announced that it has purchased from Progress Software, the Complex Event Processing platform Apama. The platform provides an environment for the design and operation of CEP applications and provides analysts, developers and administrators graphical tools as well as analysis and test capabilities.


1992 brought Peter the Quick held in trust by him Software AG shares by decision of the full Board of Management and the Supervisory Board in two foundations under civil law, of which a 98 percent profit in the Software AG Foundation, based in Darmstadt, Germany. This is 29 per cent of share ownership (as of end of 2011) making it the largest single shareholder of Software AG.

The aim of the foundation is to support projects in the fields of science and research, education, disability assistance, child and youth services, elderly care and natural help. Software AG - Foundation is legally completely independent of the Software AG.


  • Hermann Klein piece (Chief Software AG )