• Paschalis Choulidis, CEO
  • Marc Brucherseifer, Chairman

Drillisch AG is a German mobile service provider based in Main valley in the Main- Kinzig district, in Hesse.

The total group employs nearly 350 employees including subsidiaries and recorded 2012 ( 2011) a total turnover of EUR 323.7 ( 349.1 ) million euros. Consolidated net income decreased in 2012 by 43 percent to 23.5 million euros. Adjusted for special items, EBITDA was 61.9 million euros. Drillisch had 1.91 million customers at the end of 2012.

Company divisions

The core business of mobile communications is located in the wholly- owned subsidiaries

  • Drillisch Telecom GmbH ( McSIM, Telco, Hello Mobile, Phonex, Simply, Alphatel, Victorvox )
  • Eteleon AG ( DeutschlandSIM, WinSIM, plus disco, disco surf, discoTEL, fastSIM, M2M mobile, PremiumSIM, Intelligram )
  • MS Mobile Services GmbH ( Maxxim, smartmobil.de )

Among the brands simply, McSIM, discoTEL, plus disco, disco surf, M2M mobile, eteleon, DeutschlandSIM, WinSIM and fastSIM mobile discounters are marketed through the Internet. The share of private customers is about 20 percent. The business targets carried out largely centrally and therefore can be found in most brands, a similar rate portfolio. To 01.04.2014 with all providers a new world of tariffs were introduced.

The business of software services is at the Maintaler subsidiary IQ - optimize Software AG ( renamed before May 29, 2007 as the IQ -work Software AG) located and offers solutions for the B2B sector.

Ownership structure

The ownership structure sat down as of September 21, 2011 as follows:


Founding and first years

In 1957, the television Hugo Forster OHG was founded, whose foundation work consisted in the construction of main antenna distributors and of communication and surveillance systems. The Drillisch sales and service company news mbH in Main Valley was founded in 1983. In 1985, the product range to mobile phones of C network has been expanded.

In 1989, we began marketing of fax machines. As of 1991, digital alarm systems for fire fighting and construction of the fire and Rettungsleitständen were marketed.

In 1992, the television Forster Forster Hugo OHG was converted to the Forster communication electronics GmbH. Two years later was the Drillisch sales Serviceges. News mbH & Co. KG founded and started its activity as a service provider in the mobile sector for the D2 network. 1997 Drillisch AG was founded by Hans Jochen Drillisch, Marc Brucherseifer and Nico Forster. From previously legally independent companies Drillisch Group was formed with the Drillisch AG as the parent company. As a service provider, the company, which does not have its own network infrastructure purchases, large-scale telephone units from the network operator Mannesmann and sells them, tied into special tariff packages, to end customers. In the former core business, the trade of mobile phones, fax machines and other accessories they have redeemed about 48 percent of the total 117.5 million marks.


Drillisch AG went in 1998 to the stock market. A total of up to 600,000 common shares issued with a par value of five marks (including allotment of 40,000 shares), of which 360,000 from an increase in share capital to nine million marks and 240,000 shares from the existing shareholders come.

The company received in 1998 a landline license. A year later, the offer to access internet services (Internet -by-call ) has been added.

In 2000, the fixed-line license to the Finnish telecommunications group Elis was sold and the company focused on the mobile Internet, in order to avoid bankruptcy. The company sets up the search engine Acoon for WEB and WAP services. By purchasing the Finnish WAP programmer and content suppliers Open -Net Oy pursued to the further expansion of Internet content.

In 2001 Drillisch was for sale.

As of February 16, 2004, the company marketed UMTS products for D2 Vodafone through its subsidiaries Alphatel GmbH and Victorvox AG. On 31 March 2005, the former CEO Marc Brucherseifer retired at his own request from the board. Since 2006, planned the CEO Paschalis Choulidis, the major service providers ( Talkline and Debitel ) to unite for tax reasons and because of the increasing saturation of the mobile phone market under the Mobilcom roof.

In January 2007, Drillisch took over (10% prepaid ) to the estimated purchase price of 40 to 50 million euros its competitors Telco Services GmbH, Idstein im Taunus with around 300,000 customers. On 19 December 2008 it was announced that the AG Drillisch the majority of shares in eteleon e-solutions AG, an Internet marketing specialist takes over. The contract for the acquisition of 71.4 % was completed in March 2009. Since 16:08. is eteleon e-solutions AG (100 % b2c.de GmbH; discoTEL, DeutschlandSIM, eteleon ) 100 % - owned subsidiary of Drillisch AG.

Failed takeover of Freenet mobile division

On 22 August 2007 Drillisch announced that the current share of 10.07% in the competitor freenet AG is to be increased to 28.56 %. The purchase, however, was still subject to the antitrust authorities. In September 2007, Drillisch and United Internet came with the plan to the public, to want to use it assume Freenet AG. Control Drillisch and United Internet via the MSP Holding approximately 29% of freenet AG. The MSP Holding belongs to both companies equally.

On October 31, 2007, Drillisch CEO Paschalis Choulidis expressed in the quarterly report for the first time specifically to plans regarding a takeover of Freenet's mobile division (see Mobilcom ). On 20 November 2007, United Internet was the failure of the talks on a Freenet takeover known. Drillisch Board Choulidis was reportedly surprised by this announcement, and was only informed by a mandatory announcement of United Internet about it.

United Internet acquired in late November 2007 surprisingly Drillisch 5.15 million shares and was now involved with 9.68 percent at Drillisch. On December 14, Drillisch and United Internet preach nor the increase in the proportion of MSP Holding GmbH to Freenet to 20.05%.

On 20 December 2007 Freenet declared the takeover negotiations regarding the mobile business with Drillisch also closed.

In October 2009, United Internet sold his shares in Drillisch AG.

Dispute and agreement on commission payments with German Telekom AG

In November 2011, the German Telekom announced without notice cooperation with the Drillisch AG and its subsidiaries, as you Drillisch subsidiary Simply commission scam accused with prepaid mobile phone contracts. According to the telecom Drillisch AG since February 2011 is said to have enabled tens of thousands of mobile terminals, and without there being actually gave customer relationships.

It was also part of the Telekom filed a complaint against the company. The share price of Drillisch AG announced after the announcement of the operation shortly after by up to 44%.

Drillisch dismissed the allegations of Telekom decided back and explained that Simply have kept full to the agreements concluded with the telecom contracts.

On March 21, 2012 Drillisch announced the termination of the litigation with the German Telekom AG. Both entered into an agreement for the termination of contracts and the completion of the pending civil proceedings. A month later, on April 19, 2012, presented the Public Prosecutor's Office with the approval of the competent court proceedings against members of the Board and the management of the Drillisch Group definitively.