Pfeiffer Vacuum

Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG is a listed in the Nasdaq engineering company that operates internationally, particularly in business development, manufacture and sales of vacuum pumps, systems or components (vacuum generation, measurement and analysis).

The Group is headquartered in Aßlar in central Hesse; the operating company is the Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH. The Group is mainly export-oriented (share about 70 %) and has more than 20 subsidiaries worldwide.


The company was founded in 1890 in Wetzlar by Arthur Pfeiffer. In 1908 he invented the oil pump. Until 1926 Pfeiffer advanced to become the leading company of vacuum technology. 1958 also succeeded in inventing the turbo molecular pump (turbo pump), their share of Group sales is now at over 40%, where the company is the world market leader. In 1969, the family-run company until then is part of the Liechtenstein Balzers group. In 1974 the company moved from Wetzlar to the nearby Aßlar.

Pfeiffer Vacuum went in July 1996 at the New York Stock Exchange and was the first German SMEs who dared this direct step. All shares were sold on the stock exchange, so Pfeiffer Vacuum retired from the affiliated group back into independence. Just two years later, in April 1998, Pfeiffer Vacuum also went to the German stock exchange in Frankfurt am Main, in the Neuer Markt segment (now the Nasdaq ). On October 4, 2007, with an average of 3.6 % of the worldwide trading volume ended due to the low trading volume on the NYSE 's listing bonded to it.

In January 2010, takes over " Pfeiffer Vacuum" the vacuum component manufacturer " Feedthroughs Vacuum Systems" located in Göttingen. End of 2010, Pfeiffer Vacuum includes the acquisition of the business unit " adixen " vacuum technology of Alcatel- Lucent group is from.

The company is one of the founders of the X - Prize of the Justus -Liebig- University of Giessen.


With 2,270 ( 2,291 ) employees was 2012 ( 2011) generated a turnover of about 460 (520 ) million euros. The operating result ( EBIT) was 67.7 ( 61.8 ) million euros.


The shares are 100 % free float. Shares are distributed as follows: Estimated regional distribution of Pfeiffer Vacuum Shareholder: 40 % in Europe, 30 % in the U.S., 25% in Germany (of which covered about 5 PP at Board and private shareholders ), 5% in Asia.

Overall, the Company issued 9,867,659 non-par value shares. This corresponds to a share capital of € 25,261,207.04. The proportionate amount of each share representing a notional value of € 2.56.