BB Biotech

BB Biotech AG is one of the world 's largest biotechnology investment companies.

The Swiss company involved primarily in listed companies that develop new drugs and market and where the product development has already reached a more mature stage ( ie are supplements on the market and / or at least in Phase II / III clinical development ).

BB Biotech relies on basic fundamental analysis and participates in biotechnology companies that have an attractive risk profile thanks to an excellent management, a sound science and technology base and a sound financial structure.

The securities portfolio consists usually of four to six core holdings, which account for about seventy percent of the portfolio, and 15 to 20 other, smaller investments. The proportion of non-listed companies should not exceed 10%.


BB Biotech was founded on November 9, 1993, Schaffhausen ( Switzerland ). Since 27 December 1993, the holder of shares of the company on the Swiss Exchange SWX Swiss Exchange traded since December 10, 1997 listed on the German stock exchange in Frankfurt, from 2003 to June 2012, she was there in the Prime Standard segment ( Nasdaq ) listed, where she returned again in September 2012. At the Italian Nuovo Mercato, the shares are traded since October 19, 2000, since September 2005 in the Star segment ( TechStar ).


Chairman of the Board since 2013 Dr. Erich Hunziker, Vice President Clive A. Meanwell.

With the fields of fundamental analysis, portfolio management, marketing and administration for the Swiss Bellevue Group belonging " Bellevue Asset Management AG " based in Küsnacht was commissioned. The investment decisions are delegated to the " Asset Management NV BAB ", Curacao (Netherlands Antilles).

Among the companies in the group in addition to BB- BB Biotech include the BB Medtech and the venture capital company "BB Biotech Ventures II ". Venture capital at the individual biotech companies is also held through its wholly owned subsidiaries " Biotech Focus NV ", " Biotech Invest NV ", " Biotech Target NV ", " Biotech Growth NV " seat each Curacao indirectly.

Contents are mainly invest in companies in the United States. These are divided into five to eight core holdings, which currently have Actelion and Celgene the largest share of the portfolio. In addition, about two dozen smaller investments and up to 10 % are held in unlisted companies (private equity).