• Olemotz Thomas, CEO
  • Gerhard Schick, Chairman of the Board

Bechtle AG is a diversified company in the IT industry with headquarters in Neckarsulm, Baden- Württemberg. Focuses on the trading of hardware and software, as well as the operation and maintenance of IT infrastructure in public and medium-sized clients in the DA- CH region. Based on this, the company has evolved into a provider of consulting services, systems integration and training. Through a variety of corporate takeovers, Bechtle could, in addition to the associated increase in sales and number of employees, increasingly position in the field of specialized IT solutions, such as Security, storage, CAD, enterprise computing or Navision.

Organised from roof and intermediate holding companies through a multi-stage structure, the Group employed in 2012 together about 6,000 employees at 65 locations and generated sales of over 2 billion euro.


Bechtle was founded in 1983 in Heilbronn from former students of the University of Heilbronn, where the first store was located. In 1985 the company had six employees. In the 1990s, Bechtle expanding rapidly and established several new offices in East Germany. 1995 passed to the mark of 100 million mark in sales. Since 30 March 2000, the company is listed on the stock exchange. First, Bechtle was listed on the Neuer Markt and is now represented in the Nasdaq. A large part of its growth Bechtle generated externally, since 1990, more than thirty companies were acquired, among others, the ARP group from Switzerland also.

In 2004 the company achieved a turnover of one billion euros. 2010, the brand of 5000 employees has been exceeded.

Group structure

Bechtle AG is headquartered in Neckarsulm takes over as the parent and holding company for the Group 's strategic corporate planning as well as the central tasks of Controlling, Finance, Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, Corporate IT, human resources, quality management, risk management, legal and compliance.

Your report directly to the daughters

  • Bechtle Logistik & Service GmbH, in which mainly the functions of purchasing, inventory, product management and marketing are organized.
  • Bechtle system house Holding AG, are summarized in the System House in Germany and Austria.
  • Bechtle E -Commerce Holding AG for Bechtle Direct companies
  • Bechtle Managed Services AG for outsourcing services
  • Bechtle Holding Switzerland AG in Rotkreuz for system building and e -commerce companies in Switzerland, and the daughters ARP (trade ) and Comsoft Direct ( software licensing business ).

Below this level, there are about 80 as a GmbH or GmbH & Co. KG organized part companies in various locations in Germany, and again about 50 daughters in nearby European countries.

Business and Products

The group is organizationally divided into two divisions each with its own Board of Directors:

  • IT system house & managed services in the DA- CH region
  • IT e -commerce, trading under the brands Bechtle direct, ARP and Comsoft in 14 euröpäischen countries. About Internet, catalog and telephone about 55,000 IT products are offered in direct sales.

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