Adabas ( Adaptable Database System) is a database management system of the Darmstadt Software AG.

It was first of Peter Schnell for IBM mainframes - developed - under z / VSE and MVS - and Siemens - under BS1000 and BS2000. The initial installation took place in 1971. Adabas has been over the years for other platforms ( such as VMS from DEC, several Unix systems, Linux, Windows) available. Adabas is often used as a high -performance database until well into Tera - area; just as well as departmental or even desktop database applications for Software AG, especially when these are applications in Natural.

Usually Adabas is not used by private users, because the underlying concepts and also the access methods require a significant learning curve.

Adabas is based on the NF ² database model. NF ² stands for NFNF = non first normal DOCUMENT This term refers to the fact that not Adabas stores the data in the terminology of the relational theory in first normal form. Instead, the data is stored in a packed format, which allows for periodic groups and multiple fields.

Want to open additional features Adabas and users which database contents via SQL ( Adabas SQL Gateway ) or a Service Oriented Architecture ( Adabas SOA Gateway ) available.

Adabas is considered a database that provides under certain conditions ( for example, index processing, large number of records, access permissions down to the field level), especially in the mainframe area crucial advantages.

Adabas, usually in cooperation with Natural, world genutzt.Quelle of a high number of large companies and organizations? In Germany there are Adabas installations in industry, services, trade, government and public administration, national research and universities, police and intelligence services, and others.

In addition to Adabas also a relational database called Adabas D, but except for the name has nothing to do with Adabas exists. The D stands for Department. To better distinguish Adabas was temporarily referred to as Software AG Adabas C. Here, the C stood for Central. This designation was given up but in the past years.

The current version on the market is Adabas 2006 with virtually unlimited data storage, data access in real time from any location, and support for mainframe, Linux, Unix and Windows platforms.

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