IDS is an abbreviation for:

  • Ideographic Description Sequence, a method for the description of CJK characters that still do not have a Unicode code point
  • Information Network of German Switzerland, the composite of the university libraries in the German-speaking Switzerland
  • Informix Dynamic Server, a database system
  • Intelligent Diagnostic System, a device that communicates with the modules in the motor vehicle
  • Institute for German Language, an institute for the study of the German language
  • And their IDS grammar
  • Institute of Development Studies ( in German: Institute of Development Studies ) at the University of Sussex
  • Community of interest of the game vending machine operators, independent representatives of the vending - stand in Germany
  • International Dendrology Society, International Society of Arboricultural
  • International Diesel Service, International filling station operator and supplier of fuel services, see Kuwait Petroleum Corporation
  • International Dental Show, a trade fair for the dental sector in Cologne
  • Intrusion Detection System, a system for automated detection of attacks on computer networks
  • Inventory of depressive symptoms scale for the assessment of depression
  • Irritable bowel syndrome, a synonym for irritable bowel syndrome
  • Istrian demokratski sabor, Italian: Dieta democratica istriana, a political party in Croatia, Istrian Democratic Assembly, see
  • Inspector of the Security Police and the SD ( IdS ), a feature point in the structure of the security police in Nazi Germany
  • Iterative depth-first search, english: iterative deepening search

IDS is available as part of the name of the following organizations:

  • IDS Logistics, a network of medium forwarders
  • 2010 merged IDS Scheer, a former ERP consulting company, with Software AG
  • IDS Group, a mid-sized IT company group with headquarters in Ettlingen

IDS is part of the name following things:

  • Panavia Tornado IDS, a fighter-bomber
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