IE stands for:

  • Irish National Railways Iarnród Éireann
  • Performance group Improv Everywhere
  • Country code for Ireland according to ISO 3166-1
  • Internet Explorer web browser
  • Madrid's Instituto de Empresa Business School
  • Degree program International Development
  • Instructor Examination, an instructor exam for scuba divers from PADI
  • International unit - A measurement of many used in medical preparations. Internationally, the abbreviation IU is used for " International unit".
  • Medieval rock band In Extremo
  • Engl. Information Extraction, see information extraction
  • Solomon Airlines after the IATA code

IE as distinguishing signs on license plate:

Ie stands for:

  • Traditional Japanese family system; see Ie ( Japan)
  • Ee ( Dongeradeel ), a village in the Netherlands, in the Frisian language

He stands for:

  • Digraph, see Elongation sign # digraph ie-
  • Plan language Interlingue ( ISO 639-1 )
  • Country code top -level domain (ccTLD ) of Ireland, see. ie

I e stands for:

  • Id est, Latin for " that is, in other words, " #, see the List of Latin phrases / I Id

I E. stands for:

  • " In detail "
  • " In development "
  • "Developing"
  • " In an honorary "
  • " In the replacement school service "; Here a teacher is called, which does not operate in a state school but, for example, in a school in the Order. Example: " StD i. E. " stands for Director of Studies in the replacement school service
  • On penalties

IU stands for:

  • "Your Highness "; Adel Title ( only for members of certain Graf houses)
  • " International Unit " (or " IE", see above)
  • Disambiguation
  • Abbreviation