Ignaz Vincenz Zingerle

Ignaz Edler von Vincent Zingerle Summer mountain ( * June 6, 1825 in Merano, South Tyrol, † September 17, 1892 in Innsbruck ) was a Tirolean literary scholars, German scholar, folklorist and writer.


Zingerle was the son of Merano-based businessman Bartlmä Tobias Zingerle and nephew of the Catholic theologian and orientalist Pius Zingerle. After studying at Trent, he joined temporarily with the Benedtiktinerkloster Marienberg.

In 1848 he became a teacher at the high school in Innsbruck, in 1858 Director of the University Library in Innsbruck. Zingerle 1859 was appointed professor of German language and literature at the University of Innsbruck. Zingerle was a corresponding member of the Vienna Academy of Sciences.

Zingerle published poems and published literary history and historical writings. Together with his brother Josef Zingerle he collected Tyrolean fairy tales and legends. His literary estate is administered by the Leopold -Franzens- University of Innsbruck.

His sons are Oswald Zingerle and tungsten Zingerle.


Together with Franz Josef Vonbun and Brixner theology professor Franz Bole 1843 he founded the literary association Aurora in Innsbruck. Its members gave themselves "Knights name." They meet twice a week in order to present each other poems or essays. They read classics and romantics, at whose birth and death days Aurora commits parties. They also went on trips and stopped drinking bout.

" Walther Academy "

Zingerle bought 1880 Summer castle in Gufidaun from the 14th century and founded the " Walther Academy ". The art historian Carl Kraus describes the " Walther Academy " as " a kind of Arthurian in symbolic number twelve, when you held, among other recitations in medieval languages ​​". Members were, inter alia, Carl von Blaas, a professor of history painting at the Vienna Academy, Robert soot, Viennese landscape and architectural painter, Georg Mader, Innsbruck history painter as well as the two young genre and historical painter Franz Defregger and Alois Gabl.

Summer mountain castle is still inhabited by the descendants of Ignaz Vincent Zingerle and can not be visited for this reason.


Poetry and stories

  • Spring crocus, time poems (Innsbruck 1848)
  • From the Alps, time poems (Innsbruck 1850)
  • Poems (Innsbruck 1853)
  • The miller's wife, village history (Innsbruck 1853)
  • The farmer of Longvall (Frankfurt 1874)
  • Tales from the Viscount office (Frankfurt 1884)

Ethnographic and Germanic writings

  • Tell aus Tirol (Innsbruck 1850)
  • King Laurin (Innsbruck 1850)
  • Tyrol's share of the German Nationallitteratur in the Middle Ages, program (Innsbruck 1851)
  • Tirol. Nature, history and legend in the mirror of German poetry (Innsbruck 1852)
  • Children 's and Household Tales from Tirol (Innsbruck 1852 2nd edition, Gera 1870)
  • Children 's and Household Tales from Southern Germany ( Regensburg 1854)
  • Of the three kings (Innsbruck 1854)
  • The Oswald Legend and its relation to German mythology (Stuttgart 1855)
  • The personal and baptismal name of Tyrol (Innsbruck 1855)
  • Customs, practices and opinions of the Tyrolean people (2nd edition, Innsbruck, 1871)
  • Barbara Pachlerin that Sarnthaler Witch etc. (Innsbruck 1858)
  • Legends, fairy tales and customs of Tyrol (Innsbruck 1859)
  • Locust blessing and Gertrud Minne (Vienna 1862)
  • The legends of Margareta, the ravioli (Innsbruck 1863)
  • The German proverbs in the Middle Ages (Vienna 1864)
  • The alliteration in Middle High German poets (Vienna 1864)
  • Boulders (Vienna 1867-1870, 2 volumes)
  • The German children's in the Middle Ages (2nd edition, Innsbruck 1873)
  • Lusernisches Dictionary (Innsbruck 1869)
  • The land register book of the monastery zu Sonnenburg (Vienna 1868)
  • Oswald von Wolkenstein ( Vienna 1870)
  • Hans Vintler (Vienna 1871)
  • Depictions of Tyrol ( Vienna 1877, new edition 1888)
  • Tyrolean Weistümer (Vienna 1875-1888, Volumes 1-4), together with Karl Theodor von Inama - Sternegg