Ijaw languages

The IJO is a language or a dialect continuum of several languages ​​, which is spoken in southern Nigeria and forms of the number of speakers produces the largest branch of ijoiden language group within the Niger -Congo language family.

It covers 9 languages ​​or dialects alone, and the ISO code is ijo.

IJO is thus the main group named after her ijoiden languages. It is spoken by the ethnic group of IJO.

The languages ​​are divided into two groups - Central and East:

  • Izon (central -west Ijo ) ( 1 million); Biseni (5 thousand), Okodia (4 thousand), Oruma (5 thousand)
  • Nkoro: Nkoro (5 thousand)
  • Kalabari - Okrika: Kalabari (250 thousand), Kirike (250 thousand), Ibani (60 thousand)
  • Southeast: Nembe - Akassa (70 thousand)