Ijaw people

The Ijaw ( Ijo or Izon also ) are a people in the Niger Delta, according to Ijaw information, fourteen million members and speak nine different dialects of its Ijo language. THe most important of them is the Izon.

The Ijaw inhabit the Atlantic coast of Akwa Ibom State in the east to Ondo State in the West with exceptions, Delta State, where the Itsekiri inhabit the Atlantic coast and the Ijaw next to the big city of Warri just east of it in the local government areas ( LGA) Burutu 5 ° 21 ' N, 5 ° 30' O5.355.5083333333333 and Bomadi 5 ° 10 ' N, 5 ° 56' O5.16666666666675.9333333333333 are represented. Most Ijaw live in the states of Bayelsa, Rivers and Delta.

You work in the fishing, agriculture, palm oil and palm wine collection or are a dealer, hunters, carvers or Weber.

Oil production and loading of the mangroves in the Niger Delta caused significant losses and damage to the environment and thus affect the livelihoods of the Ijaw and other ethnic groups. From the profits from oil production, the region benefited only marginally. This leads to conflict in the Niger Delta with the Ijaw; the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta struggles with violence for their concerns since 2006.